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VETPRO-Bildungsbesuch aus Bilbao

Wie funktioniert der elektrische Schaltkreis in den Übungsräumen? Und wie die Ausbildung im deutschen dualen System? Diese und viele andere Fragen haben vier spanische Lehrkräfte mitgebracht, die im Mai für eine Woche zum Bildungsaustausch in Hamburg bei AHOI Hamburg, Arbeit und Leben zu Gast waren.

Die vier Lehrer unterrichten junge Auszubildende an einer Berufsschule für Mechatronik, Elektronik, Robotik und Automatisierung in Bilbao, Baskenland. Über ein VETPRO-Stipendium hatten sie Gelegenheit, das duale Bildungssystem praxisnah kennen zu lernen, das sich in vielen Punkten von dem in Spanien unterscheidet. Auf dem Programm stand zur Einführung ins deutsche Bildungssystem ein Workshop mit Isabel Dwinger in englischer Sprache: „(Dual) VET in Hamburg, Germany and the world – Introductory seminar for the VET Pro mobility in Hamburg„.

Bei Besuchen in der beruflichen Schule für Energietechnik Altona (BS 22) sowie in der beruflichen Schule ITECH in Wilhelmsburg (BS 14), war Gelegenheit, die Praxis kennen zu lernen und sich über didaktische Ansätze auszutauschen. Besonders beeindruckt waren die Gäste von der modernen Ausstattung der Hamburger Berufsschulen sowie vom stringenten dualen System. In Spanien zum Beispiel ist die Berufsausbildung viel enger an einem schulischen Lehrplan orientiert. Auch ist es dort Aufgabe der Lehrkräfte, für alle Schüler*innen einen Ausbildungs-, bzw. Praktikumsplatz in einem Betrieb zu finden.

Neben all dem fachlichen Input blieb den Gästen noch genügend Zeit, die Stadt zu erkunden: Spaziergang in Altona, Fahrt mit der HVV-Fähre, Besuch des Miniaturwunderlandes und ein geführter Stadtrundgang rundeten das Programm in Hamburg ab.

Fazit: Im nächsten Jahr sollen, wenn möglich, auch spanische Auszubildende aus Bilbao für ein Praktikum nach Hamburg kommen. Denn: Ein Bildungsaustausch lohnt für alle Seiten und öffnet den Blick für neue Ideen im Berufsalltag.

Ein Dank an dieser Stelle für die freundliche Unterstützung der BS22 und BS14!

My Internship at Arbeit und Leben Hamburg eV.(written by Daniel Nzelwa )

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Hello to you guys,

I go by the name of Daniel, and I’m here to tell you about my experience in Hamburg.

Thank you Diakonie under “ AFPEL“ who made possible for me to come here, it was really quite an experience in my life time to spend four weeks in Europe (Hamburg) where my destination was.

I’m so happy to be part of this program and getting a chance to experience German culture and language here.dvfI met nice and amazing people here; I really enjoyed working with them.

I was here to learn about how the program how volunteers are selected, how the program is preparing volunteers, how the program is applying for funds and what are the benefits the volunteers had gained after their life of volunteer ship. It is very important to me as I work as a mentor to volunteers who are sent to Tanzania.

But I’m very sad my time to stay Germany is over, its time to go back to home.



It is a great experience to live away from my home country; this gave me a chance to improve my language skills, meeting other people, making friends, obtain global perspective and experience personal growth.

Lastly I would like to say thank you all who have contributed to my successful stay in Germany. I think the project is really beautiful and wish and encourage other people to apply as well.



                                                                                                                                            Daniel Nzelwa

My experience in Hamburg by Eleonora

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Hello to all guys,

My name is Eleonora and I am here to tell you about my experience.

Thanks to a project called Erasmus+, I and 9 others guys had a chance to embark on a trip to a foreign country, our destination was Hamburg, Germany.

At the beginning I was really excited to come to Germany to work and be part of this project, now I’m even happier to be here.

This project lasts 3 weeks and I’m sad to have to go back home because I’m fine, I met some nice people and I like the place and the people I work with.


Also my group of friends and very nice, we are very sunny, fun people and together we are very good.

I’m only here for a week, so I can say that this will be an experience they never forget in life.

This experience has allowed me to improve my language skills, to know other people, other cultures, and to understand the lifestyle of people living in other countries.

Travelling opens your mind, and I think this trip was this for me, a way to open my mind.

Living in a big city and in another country allows you to improve your personality, mature and become more responsible person, especially because you stay three weeks away from your own country and your family grows and grows bigger.



I thank all those who have contributed to the organization and implementation of this project and the only advice I give you is to make absolutely this experience because it is really beautiful.

19/09/2017, Hamburg

Eleonora Piccono

La mia esperienza ad Amburgo di Ianos Alexandru

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Relazione sull`esperienza di Ianos Alexandru

La provincia di Trento colaborando arbeit und leben hanno creato un progetto chiamato SWORD. Il progetto consiste in un esperienza lavorativa al estero. Il suo scopo e di fare vedere agli studenti come funziona il tirocigno negli altri paesi (www.swordproject.provincia.tn.it)

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

A parte il stage abbiamo fatto anche alcune lezioni di lingua tedesca per prepararci al tirocigno. Poi delle visite turistiche ad alcuni monumenti principali di Hamburgo e alter attrayione e cose interesanti.


La prima visita che abbiamo fatto e stata in Altoma che e un quartiere nel ovest di Amburgo. Come prima cosa andando sulla strada principale Ottenser Hauptstrasse abbiamo visto il centro commerciale “Mercado” dove si puo trovare una biblioteca e tanti altri negozi e posti dove mangiare bene.

A piano terra sotto alle scale si puo trovare una placca commemorativa per tutte le persone sepolte ancora la sotto.

In fondo alla rispettiva strada si trova Kemal-altum square che e un parco-plaza dove si puo giocare a basket oppure prendere il sole o semplicemente riposarsi su una panchina.

Davanti alla entrata alta di questo parco c`era un escavatore blu antiquo ma ancora funzionante visto che la manutenzione viene fatta periodicamente. Questo esacavatore e la prova che la una volta venivano costruite machine industriali pesanti.

Andando avanti, sulla via Friendensalle abbiamo visitato il centro media Zeise halls. Dentro si puo trovare un cinema in cui si possono vedere I film sia in inglese che in italiano.a parte questo c´e anche un ristorante e vari negozi per i souvenir.

Un posto che non si puo mancare e il “Fabrik” che si trova a due passi dal Zeise halls. Si parla di un palazzo con una grande gru sul tetto. Anche qui una volta si trovava una fabrica industriale. La architectura interna e impressionante e adesso dentro vengono organizzati eventi socio-culturali.

Per concludere siamo andati al porto dell´fiume Elbe. Dal punto panoramico si possono vedere tante piccolo barche e una davvero gigante. La vista e bellissima, I gabbiani volano, l´aria e fresca e pulita. Quello  e un bell´posto per rilasarsi e fare pranzo.

Ianos Alexandru

Hamburg, 28.04.2014


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sabrina 2

I’m Sabrina, a student of the 4th year at the school of graphic arts in Trento.

Trento is a little and amazing city in the in North-East of Italy and it is surrounded by mountains. Here in Trento it is very cold in winter and it often snows, indeed, the snow, in Trentino Alto Adige, it is the main tourist attraction.

My school proposed me to do an internship experience for one month in Hamburg, and I took the opportunity immediately, I said right away YES!

The reason why I said yes and I wanted to go to Germany was not just one. I want to improve my English level in using it every day: at school, at work and with people. I’m also curios to know German lifestyle: from the typical food to German’s daily routine and, in particular, I’d like to know their point of view about job and teamworks. Another reason is: I have never been abroad, I have never traveled alone and I have never did this type of experience.

I left from Trento on the evening of April 23, 2017 at 6.00 p.m. and I came to Hamburg at 9.00 a.m. I’m staying in a hostel, about 20 minutes from the centre. It is very convenient to be so close to the city.

Here in Hamburg I’m do internship about to my kind of study: graphic arts; and sometimes we organize trips in Hamburg, for example: visit the harbour, the Elbtunnel, St. Pauli, Neustadt, lake, the churches, Biergarten, Dietmar – Koel str. And Landungsbrucken.Sabrina 1

This experience was organzed for to create new opportunities by Arbeit und Leben, an educational institution that encouraging people to expand our knowledge.

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg


I think that it is a great and beautiful opportunity.

My experience will and of May 22 and I feel lucky to have partecipate in this internship experience, indeed I thank those who gave me this chance. Moreover I’m sure this travel will help me in the future when I will write my Curriculum Vitae or will search my first job.

Sabrina Degasperi





SWORD-Projekt from Trento

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Experience report, April 2017

The province of Trento  colaborates with Arbeit und Leben Hamburg e.V. for this project called S.W.O.R.D that means “School and Work Related Dual Learning”. The project is an abroad experience and his main purpose is to show the students how the internships work abroad (www.swordproject.provincia.tn.it)

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

In addition to practical learning we also had the possibility to attend German language lessons as a preparation for the internship. We also made some guided tours to the main Hamburg monuments and attrKircheactions.



Some of these interesting monuments and places that we saw were:

The Ottenser Hauptstrasse street that you can find near the Altona train station. There are a lot of shops and attractions, one of them is the Mercado shopping center, where there is a plaque with the names of the people that are buried underneath.At the bottom of the street there is a park called Kemal-altum square, that is a beautiful park where you can play basketball or simply enjoy the sunlight. At the entrance of this plaza you can find a blue excavator called “Meck&hambrock”. The excavator is a prove that there were once heavy built industrial machines

Then on the friendensalle street we visited the media center “Zeise halls”. In there there is a nice cinema called “Zeise Kinos” where you can watch movies in German as well in German. You can also find a restaurant there and some souvenir shops.  Mercado Einkaufszentrum_1

Another spot that I found fantastic is „The Fabrik”. It is placed just around the corner of the Zeise halls. On the top of the building there is a big crane so you can`t miss it. Now they make cultural events inside but it was a former machine factory before. Because of that the internal architecture is impressive.

To conclude we had a walk along shore of the river Elbe. There are many boats and a huge ship. The view is awesome, the seagulls fly above you and the air fells very fresh. That was a good place to relax and have breakfast.

Ianos  Alexandru



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Make it Hamburg

Make it in Hamburg

Das ESF-geförderte Projekt „Make it in Hamburg!“, initiiert von der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und umgesetzt von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Zusammenarbeit mit Arbeit und Leben Hamburg unterstützt die Integration ausländischer Arbeitskräfte in den Hamburger und deutschen Arbeitsmarkt.


MAKE IT IN HAMBURG! unterstützt ausländische Fachkräfte bei der Recherche des Arbeitsmarkts und der Erstellung einer individuell optimierten Bewerbung.

Hierzu finden dreitägige Bewerbungstrainings, zweitägige Telefontrainings sowie ein Konversationskurs “ Sprechen wir über Arbeit “ statt. Diese sind für die Bewerber kostenfrei, da sie von der Europäischen Union und der Stadt Hamburg gefördert werden.

Make it Hamburg

Make it Hamburg

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