My Internship at Arbeit und Leben Hamburg eV.(written by Daniel Nzelwa )

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Hello to you guys,

I go by the name of Daniel, and I’m here to tell you about my experience in Hamburg.

Thank you Diakonie under “ AFPEL“ who made possible for me to come here, it was really quite an experience in my life time to spend four weeks in Europe (Hamburg) where my destination was.

I’m so happy to be part of this program and getting a chance to experience German culture and language here.dvfI met nice and amazing people here; I really enjoyed working with them.

I was here to learn about how the program how volunteers are selected, how the program is preparing volunteers, how the program is applying for funds and what are the benefits the volunteers had gained after their life of volunteer ship. It is very important to me as I work as a mentor to volunteers who are sent to Tanzania.

But I’m very sad my time to stay Germany is over, its time to go back to home.



It is a great experience to live away from my home country; this gave me a chance to improve my language skills, meeting other people, making friends, obtain global perspective and experience personal growth.

Lastly I would like to say thank you all who have contributed to my successful stay in Germany. I think the project is really beautiful and wish and encourage other people to apply as well.



                                                                                                                                            Daniel Nzelwa

My experience in Hamburg by Eleonora

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Hello to all guys,

My name is Eleonora and I am here to tell you about my experience.

Thanks to a project called Erasmus+, I and 9 others guys had a chance to embark on a trip to a foreign country, our destination was Hamburg, Germany.

At the beginning I was really excited to come to Germany to work and be part of this project, now I’m even happier to be here.

This project lasts 3 weeks and I’m sad to have to go back home because I’m fine, I met some nice people and I like the place and the people I work with.


Also my group of friends and very nice, we are very sunny, fun people and together we are very good.

I’m only here for a week, so I can say that this will be an experience they never forget in life.

This experience has allowed me to improve my language skills, to know other people, other cultures, and to understand the lifestyle of people living in other countries.

Travelling opens your mind, and I think this trip was this for me, a way to open my mind.

Living in a big city and in another country allows you to improve your personality, mature and become more responsible person, especially because you stay three weeks away from your own country and your family grows and grows bigger.



I thank all those who have contributed to the organization and implementation of this project and the only advice I give you is to make absolutely this experience because it is really beautiful.

19/09/2017, Hamburg

Eleonora Piccono

Kaufmann für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung in Mailand vom Andrés Parra

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Hallo liebe Leute,

Ich heiße Andrés und ich komme aus Barcelona aber zurzeit mache ich meine Ausbildung zum Kaufmann für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung bei DHL in Hamburg.

Im August hatte ich die super Möglichkeit, ein Auslandspraktikum bei DHL in Mailand mit dem Erasmus+ Program zu machen.

Viele Sachen verbinden mich mit Italien: ein Land wo ich wie zu Hause mich fühle aber mein Ziel damit war mein Italienisch zu verbessern um einen Sprachzertifikat zu schaffen und ich muss sagen, dass trotz der kurzen Zeit, habe ich es sehr gut geschafft.

Danke an die Superkollegen die ab 1. Tag mich in das Team integriert haben.


Die Abteilung, wo ich tätig war, war die I-Point. Das ist die Kernabteilung der DHL in Italien, da die Porzesse von Import und Export da gemacht werden. Auch die Nahverkehr- und die Basenetworkskoordinierung werden hier auch durchgeführt. Meine Aufgabe waren da grundsätzlich die Buchung bei den Kunden und Fahrerunternehmer für das spätere Sammeln der Ware. War beides; entspannend aber auch stressig aber überhaupt sehr bereichernd.


Mobility programs in Hamburg for vocational education Trainees

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cc by UNISER

The Mobility Agency of Arbeit und Leben Hamburg  presents itself:

Are you interested in going abroad to improve your language skills while doing an internship in a foreign country? If you would like to make this experience maybe it´s time you should know us.

The Mobility Agency Hamburg is a department of the organization “Arbeit und Leben Hamburg e.V.” and we promote and organize mobility projects inside Europe but also worldwide for the following groups:

  • Trainees and vocational students
  • Pupils on further professional training courses (state certified technician)
  • Graduates of the above mentioned courses up to 12 months after the education

This Mobility program is supported by subsidies from different government agencies like the Economic and Labour authorities, the Authority for Education and Sports of the City of Hamburg as well as from subsidies from the European Social Fund.


This means, this is a scholarship and it usually covers the following expenses: Transport fees, accommodation and a subsistence for food (variations possible).  So, you don´t need to pay it by yourself, lucky you!

So, the financial aspect is explained. Now Let´s have a look at our service:

  • Finding Accommodation
  • Finding adequate internships in Hamburg
  • Socio-cultural program and intercultural training
  • Language course
  • monitoring and evaluation

The Mobility Agency´s staff  will try to make you feel comfortable during your stay among us.

But the most important point of this program is your personal development. This is how you will profit from this experience:

  • Improve language and intercultural skills
  • Experience working in another country
  • Observe the business system
  • Experience the culture of the Country

    Besuch des Rathaus in Hamburg

    The participants ( Hamburg, August 2014)

It sounds good, doesn´t it?  In addition Hamburg is an incredible harbor city with a lot of attractions that for sure  won´t disappoint you! For more information about Hamburg click here:

Dare it, the Team of the Mobility Agency is looking forward to welcoming you!


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sabrina 2

I’m Sabrina, a student of the 4th year at the school of graphic arts in Trento.

Trento is a little and amazing city in the in North-East of Italy and it is surrounded by mountains. Here in Trento it is very cold in winter and it often snows, indeed, the snow, in Trentino Alto Adige, it is the main tourist attraction.

My school proposed me to do an internship experience for one month in Hamburg, and I took the opportunity immediately, I said right away YES!

The reason why I said yes and I wanted to go to Germany was not just one. I want to improve my English level in using it every day: at school, at work and with people. I’m also curios to know German lifestyle: from the typical food to German’s daily routine and, in particular, I’d like to know their point of view about job and teamworks. Another reason is: I have never been abroad, I have never traveled alone and I have never did this type of experience.

I left from Trento on the evening of April 23, 2017 at 6.00 p.m. and I came to Hamburg at 9.00 a.m. I’m staying in a hostel, about 20 minutes from the centre. It is very convenient to be so close to the city.

Here in Hamburg I’m do internship about to my kind of study: graphic arts; and sometimes we organize trips in Hamburg, for example: visit the harbour, the Elbtunnel, St. Pauli, Neustadt, lake, the churches, Biergarten, Dietmar – Koel str. And Landungsbrucken.Sabrina 1

This experience was organzed for to create new opportunities by Arbeit und Leben, an educational institution that encouraging people to expand our knowledge.

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg


I think that it is a great and beautiful opportunity.

My experience will and of May 22 and I feel lucky to have partecipate in this internship experience, indeed I thank those who gave me this chance. Moreover I’m sure this travel will help me in the future when I will write my Curriculum Vitae or will search my first job.

Sabrina Degasperi





SWORD-Projekt from Trento

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Experience report, April 2017

The province of Trento  colaborates with Arbeit und Leben Hamburg e.V. for this project called S.W.O.R.D that means “School and Work Related Dual Learning”. The project is an abroad experience and his main purpose is to show the students how the internships work abroad (

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

© Arbeit und Leben Hamburg

In addition to practical learning we also had the possibility to attend German language lessons as a preparation for the internship. We also made some guided tours to the main Hamburg monuments and attrKircheactions.



Some of these interesting monuments and places that we saw were:

The Ottenser Hauptstrasse street that you can find near the Altona train station. There are a lot of shops and attractions, one of them is the Mercado shopping center, where there is a plaque with the names of the people that are buried underneath.At the bottom of the street there is a park called Kemal-altum square, that is a beautiful park where you can play basketball or simply enjoy the sunlight. At the entrance of this plaza you can find a blue excavator called “Meck&hambrock”. The excavator is a prove that there were once heavy built industrial machines

Then on the friendensalle street we visited the media center “Zeise halls”. In there there is a nice cinema called “Zeise Kinos” where you can watch movies in German as well in German. You can also find a restaurant there and some souvenir shops.  Mercado Einkaufszentrum_1

Another spot that I found fantastic is „The Fabrik”. It is placed just around the corner of the Zeise halls. On the top of the building there is a big crane so you can`t miss it. Now they make cultural events inside but it was a former machine factory before. Because of that the internal architecture is impressive.

To conclude we had a walk along shore of the river Elbe. There are many boats and a huge ship. The view is awesome, the seagulls fly above you and the air fells very fresh. That was a good place to relax and have breakfast.

Ianos  Alexandru



Südkoreanische Studentengruppe in Hamburg

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Arbeit und Leben in Kooperation mit dem koreanischen Bildungsministerium und dem „Korean Council for University College Education”  führt seit 2014 das Projekt  „Global Practical Training Program (GPTP)“  in Hamburg durch,  das koreanischen Studenten ein 3-monatiges betriebliches Praktikum in Hamburg ermöglicht.  Neben der praktischen Weiterbildung in verschiedenen hamburgischen Unternehmen,  lernen die koreanischen Studenten gleichzeitig  an der Volkshochschule Deutsch und  nehmen an  unserem interkulturellen Programm teil,  das viele Workshops und kulturelle Ausflüge beinhaltet.

Projekt „Global Practical Training Program (GPTP)“ by cc AundL

Ausflug übers Wochenende nach Berlin  im Rahmen unseres interkulturellen Programms

Projekt „Global Practical Training Program (GPTP)“ by cc AundL

Ankunft in Hamburg

Dieses Jahr  ist eine 13-Köpfige Gruppe  süd-koreanischer Studenten über Arbeit und Leben nach Hamburg gekommen.  Am  27.08.2016 durften wir sie am Flughafen Hamburg begrüßen.




Projekt „Global Practical Training Program (GPTP)“ by cc AundL

Workshop bei Arbeit und Leben

Das deutsche duale Bildungssystem ist für die südkoreanischen Studenten sehr attraktiv, da in ihrem Heimatland die Praxisanteile während des Studiums geringer sind. Für viele bietet dieses Programm  auch eine gute Chance ins Ausland zu reisen.

Die Mehrheit unserer koreanischen Teilnehmer kommt aus dem Krankenpflegebereich  gefolgt von den Bereichen Logistik, KFZ- Mechatronik und dem Bauingenieurwesen.

Ausflug übers Wochenende nach Berlin  im Rahmen unseres interkulturellen Programms

Asklepios Klinikum Harburg – Praktikum

Wir wünschen unseren fleißigen Teilnehmern erfolgreiches Lernen in ihren Praktikumsbetrieben und vor allem viel Spaß bei uns in Hamburg.