2024 – ein Bericht zum Auslandspraktikum in Oslo, Norwegen von Benjamin Gast…


My 4-week internship to a subsidiary in Oslo was a great opportunity to have a different perspective on the company Imperial Brands. I worked in the product segment called OND (oral nicotine delivery). I learned all about a dark market, which is the market situation for tobacco products in Norway. A dark market is a market in which the products are concealed behind closed doors and can so not be seen by the customers. Furthermore, a dark market implies plain packaging, which means that all packaging from all brands look the same. This concept is implemented to decrease the consumption of tobacco and nicotine products. This was one of the many learnings I could profit from immensely.

Working in Oslo

In my time in Oslo, I encountered very welcoming employees, who helped me to get around and had extremely helpful tips for me. The work environment was also a very different concept to get to know. Working in a small company for the first time was a very wholesome feeling. Also, we ate lunch all together, which was prepared by one of the employees each day. This gave it a lot more of a family like feeling. The benefits of weekly massages, as part of health in the workplace, for the employees is something I will never forget.

Field Trips

I was able to go on field trips with the field force (Außendienstler) in Norway, which made me see the tobacco / nicotine market up close. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to visit Bergen for a weekend, which related to a field trip in Bergen. The most amazing adventure was the trip to Bergen, which was a train ride through an incredible landscape.

Weekend Exploring

Beside of work I did a lot of sightseeing in Oslo. Not only sightseeing but also trips into the beautiful nature right outside of Oslo. Many hikes, a trip to Holmenkollen, a round of golf, a mountain bike tour are all adventure I will never forget.

Thanks a lot for the breathtaking experience. I learned a lot about myself and a new culture!

Text und Fotos: Benjamin Gast