“Forlì is an amazing city in the heart of Italy. So food and coffee are fantastic and you are very close to Rimini, Florence and Bologna, you just need to take a train to feel immerse in culture”

“During my internship, I met lots of nice people, both Italians and from all over Europe. Locals have been very welcoming with us and I went out with some of my colleagues. Instead, at the Aperitandem I had the chance to chat with international people living in Forlì for a while, like me. It  was very funny!”

“I really enjoyed my internship period in Italy, Forlì is a beautiful city and the Uniser staff very helpful. They helped all my group with every problem we had and they were always available for help and suggestions”

Written by the students and young people who came to UNISER in Forlì during Erasmus+ mobility or just vocational mobility experience.